PPC Advertising

WiseTrack provide one of its kind PPC management services:

Pay per click (PPC) advertising, also known as sponsored links or advertisements is a hybrid search engine marketing service in which advertisers pay a specific charge each time visitors click on the advertisement placed by you in the search engine’s sponsored links. In order to appear in the corresponding search results the advertisers pay no revenue. But they make a payment of the amount they have bid for or decided upon only when a visitor clicks on their ad which leads him/her to their landing page.

Pay per click campaigns make profound use of specific keywords on various search engines, content research and analysis, tracking, advertising networks and marketing strategies. Wisetrack, India offers a wide range of pay per click services to pick and choose from based on your individual requirements. Our established tactics and inspiring tips enable you to get maximum return on investment (ROI), thereby, expanding the value of your business venture through our innovative pay per click advertising services.

Are you considering Pay par click advertising such as Google Adwords or want to get your current online campaign reviewed?… You have come to the right place.

Wisetrack offers the best pay per click services backed by a team of professionally certified pay per click professionals who combine pay per click research with analytical reporting and tracking and help manage PPC campaigns in multiple domains. We give you an edge over other companies and campaigns in terms of ppc management services by following a strict regime of business analysis, geographical research, budget capping, keyword clustering, goal assessment, targeted ads as well as a thorough study of the campaign at the client’s end focusing on maximum ROI.

Our team of PPC campaign management specialists manages your pay per click advertising campaigns keeping in mind the targets and cost effectiveness over a multitude of keywords to help you achieve the best results. Wisetrack process oriented campaign helps takes your business a step further on all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista and more.

If you are looking for a result oriented approach, you will find that outsourcing your PPC campaign management to us will help you receive maximum value in terms of budgeting in Search Engine Marketing. Our pay per click services help you get better return on investment, add value to your services, bag more sales, tailor made reporting and tracking, lower costs per acquisition and systematic bid management.

Why Us?


Is your Pay per click campaign up to the mark?

If you are already engaged with a PPC firm but are unhappy with the corresponding results and are looking for better service and approach, we at Wisetrack would love to help you out. You could give us a call (mention company number) or chat online with our team of experts (give link) to get an overview of your PPC campaign.

Value added services for running a smooth PPC advertising campaign:

Our value added services give you the best commercial value and advantage over other campaigns in terms of deliverability, flexibility and skill set.

Outsourcing your PPC management in trusted hands:

As your campaign grows and specific areas such as keywords, phrases and content begin emerging as major ROI deliverables, the time and skill required to develop new ads can take a toll on you. Wisetrack steps in to rescue you before you end up overpaying, losing out on potential opportunities or end up with a doomed campaign.

Risk management:

Our team of pay per click advertising experts has developed its unique risk management technique that will save you from a ppc service that is on the rocks and enable your business to flourish like never before.

Keyword analysis:

Experts at Wisetrack engage in sound keyword research and analysis including ‘negative’ keywords to take your ppc advertising to the next level. Our specialized keyword bunching service uses filtered keywords and phrases to make sure that they fit with each ad featured on your website.

Customized landing pages:

Our team of experts analyses the specific areas that attract attention of the visitors and generate appropriate text to increase the conversion ratio.

WiseTrack is the best company to help run your PPC advertising campaign to churn maximum profits through intricate analysis and a result oriented approach.